decapitate animals

is online since 2009.
it is run by tao kitamoto.

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Decapitate Animals is one of these rare Tumblr gems which not only impress with an expertly curated set of images, but clearly show that someone put a lot of thought, effort and love in his selection.
Worth viewing for the stream of conscious appropriation of the other’s visions, the intuitive progressions and the effortless mental organization of disparate imagery sometmes associated by a lateral observation.

And tits, lots of tits.
Amazing, extensive collections of images based on themes. […] You have no idea how hard it is to put posts like these together until you actually try it. This person is very talented and most likely suffers from heavy insomnia.
Solving Decapitate Animals is a mug’s game. It’s impossible for me to ever accomplish, short of actually asking the person that runs the blog, and I enjoy the chase too much to ever stop. […] Decapitate Animals is inspirational, because it forces me to think harder than I ever do when scrolling past reams of tumblr posts.
If you are going to have a look that is under the warning of wearing a helmet and leather clothes to avoid damage, this will be like a walk through Disneyland, the Playboy mansion, the morgue and Las Vegas at a speed than stuns and tides, in an almost infinite cycle of scroll down.
Some fucking lovely birds on there, and thought provoking images. (Dirty thoughts mainly)
Unflinchingly lucid and honest, Decapitate Animals is Kitamoto’s curation of the extremity of human life: anarchic, perpetually in flux, but never arbitrary.
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